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All computers purchased from KKECI are covered by at least a three year warranty on parts, a one year warranty on labor, and free lifetime telephone and email tech support. This warranty includes all components inside the tower or desktop case, the keyboard, and the mouse. Monitors purchased from KKECI  always have a three year "repair or replace" warranty. It is the discretion of the manufacturer whether to repair or replace the unit. The manufacture date on the back of the monitor generally determines the monitor's warranty date, but KKECI will warranty the monitor 3 years from the actual invoice date. Scanners and printers usually have a one year warranty. Certera notebooks have a one year or three year warranty, depending on the option you selected at time of purchase. We strongly recommend the three year warranty on notebook computers.


Serial Numbers

Each computer has a serial number on the back, for example, "29010000". The first 2 numbers indicate the year and the second 2 numbers indicate the month, so in the example, the manufacture date would be 2009, January. The exact date for warranty purposes is the date of the invoice.

Please note your serial number when you email or call. Shipping charges, if applicable, are the responsibility of the customer. We will try to resolve any problem over the phone to be sure you are satisfied as quickly as possible.


Contract Customers

Contract customers are always first priority when a call comes in. Response times for service calls depend upon the severity of the problem and terms of contract.  Hardware protected under a maintenance contract with KKECI will be repaired or replaced with equivalent hardware without charge.



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