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Maintenance Contracts

We offer maintenance contracts, which consist of complete on-site and remote support of your computer network. We will proactively keep each computer and server on your network running at it's optimal level. We'll manage your backup solutions, Microsoft updates, and antivirus updates. We will routinely monitor the log files on your servers and firewalls, and diagnose and repair potential problems before they arise. We'll monitor your server hardware and battery backup devices, and work with your internet service provider to maintain maximum uptime. We can be your contact person for your vendor supported software, and will be available before, during, and after business hours to help you with problems and help lead with any I.T. related projects.


Another important aspect of the maintenance contract is hardware replacement. If you buy a piece of hardware from us, and it fails while you have a maintenance contract with us, we will repair it or replace it, regardless of warranty status. This does not apply to consumables such as ink, toner, and batteries, of course, nor does it apply to physical damage caused by your employees, etc. Ask for a contract proposal for details.


Maintenance contracts are provided on an annual renewal basis and are billed monthly. Call (937) 652-3344 for more information.


Computer Repair

We repair all kinds of computers with all kinds of problems. We charge $90 per hour, and most repairs made at our location are billed for 1 hour, plus tax, if no faulty hardware is involved.

Call (937) 652-3344 to make an appointment.


Business Support

We offer many of the same services as are in our maintenance contracts on an hourly basis. Call (937) 652-3344 to schedule a service call.


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